DigitalRune Engine - A 3D Game Engine for .NET and XNA

The DigitalRune Engine is a 3D game engine for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono. It is written in C# and supports the Microsoft XNA Game Studio (Windows, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360) and MonoGame (Windows, Windows Store, Windows Phone 8, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS).

"Cutting-edge technology for .NET and indie devs"

The DigitalRune Engine empowers professional .NET/Mono developers, indie developers and hobbyists to create 3D games and simulations using cutting-edge technology. 

Game Engine Modules

Developers choosing the DigitalRune Engine will gain access to the following products:


Library Description State
DigitalRune Base Base functionality Released
DigitalRune Mathematics Advanced mathematics Released
DigitalRune Geometry 3D collision detection Released
DigitalRune Physics 3D physics engine Released
DigitalRune Particles 3D particle systems Released
DigitalRune Animation General purpose animation system Released
DigitalRune Graphics 3D graphics engine Beta
DigitalRune Game Game logic and game object system Released
DigitalRune Game UI Input handling and GUI controls Released

Alpha means that this is  the first public release. The APIs are not yet final and may be adapted based on user feedback.
Beta means that the APIs are more or less finalized.
Released means that the library is ready to be used in your application.

"Pick and choose your technologies!"

Modularity is an important aspect of the DigitalRune Engine: The game engine is a set of independent modules – each module covering a core aspect of game development. One design goal was to minimize dependencies between modules. Developers should have the freedom to pick and choose their favorite libraries. – So choosing the DigitalRune Engine is not an all-or-nothing decision.

For example, developers who opt for DigitalRune Animation as the animation system or DigitalRune Physics as the physics engine in their application are not forced to use DigitalRune Graphics. Developers can still use a third-party graphics engine or a custom-built solution. It is also possible to integrate the libraries into Windows Forms or WPF applications to build your own game editor or CAx application.

We believe that this approach not only allows for more flexibility, it also creates more mature and stable APIs. 

For a list of all features, dependencies and more information, take a look at the Online Documentation. The latest development news are posted in our Development Blog and in our Forum.


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Here are a few screenshots of examples included in the DigitalRune Engine.

  • Deferred Rendering Example
  • Depth-of-Field Effect
  • Motion Blur Effect
  • Flame Particle Effect
  • Water Particle Effect
  • Character animation
  • Rigid body dynamics
  • Character controller
  • Height fields and game physics
  • Collision shape examples
  • Car physics
  • Avatar ragdoll simulation
  • Collision detection
  • Advanced mathematics
  • In-game GUI
  • Rendering inside a WPF window

Because We Love .NET, XNA and Making Games

"Try for free"

Visit the Downloads page to get the latest version of the DigitalRune Engine. The package allows for a 30-day trial – risk free, no need to register. Note that, the product documentation in its entirety is also available online.

Current prices include an early adopter discount. When all modules leave the beta phase, the price of the whole package will probably be raised.

"We <3 Indie"

Indie developers can get the DigitalRune Engine for a reduced price. Check out this page to see if you qualify as Indie: Indie Offer

Students and teachers can apply for a free non-commercial license.