The DigitalRune Engine is a collection of middleware libraries and tools for developing 3D games, simulations and CAx applications. The software is written in C# for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono. It supports the Microsoft XNA Game Studio and MonoGame.


DigitalRune Game Engine

The included libraries cover a wide range of topics:

  • mathematics
  • computational geometry and collision detection
  • physics simulation
  • animation
  • particle effects
  • 3D graphics
  • game logic
  • input devices
  • graphical user interface (GUI)

You can use the software to solve typical problems in game development and industrial applications:

  • Create 3D games using state-of-the-art features like forward/deferred rendering, large-scale terrain, dynamic day-night cycle, HDR, post-processing, etc.
  • Implement collision detection and visualizations for CAD applications.
  • Simulate rigid body dynamics and solve inverse kinematics problems in robotics research.
  • Embed 3D graphics into Windows Forms or WPF applications.
  • ...

Have a look at the Features page and the Documentation for a detailed description of all components.


The libraries can be used cross-platform – including Portable Class Library (PCL), Windows (desktop), Windows Store, Windows Phone, Universal Windows Platform, Xbox 360, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Silverlight and the Unity Game Engine.



The DigitalRune Engine was created to address the following issues:

Leverage the power of C# and .NET

C# and the .NET Framework allow developers to be more productive. Code can be written in Visual Studio using the best IntelliSense and third-party tools. Make use of the .NET base class library and a powerful ecosystem of open source and commercial .NET libraries.


The game engine is a set of independent modules – each module covering a core aspect of game development. Dependencies between modules are minimal. Developers have the freedom to pick and choose their favorite libraries. Choosing the DigitalRune Engine is not an all-or-nothing decision. You can, for example:

  • Use DigitalRune Geometry for collision detection in a CAD application.
  • Use DigitalRune Physics in a custom game engine.
  • Use DigitalRune Graphics to add 3D graphics to a WPF application.


.NET and Mono allow to target many different platforms. In a game, the majority of code can be implemented in a .NET Portable Class Library. Compile the code once and use the same DLL on all platforms.

Full control

The DigitalRune Engine is not a game editor with a limited scripting API. Instead, the libraries provide direct access to an extensive, well designed and documented API. Additionally, the libraries support MonoGame – a free and open source, multiplatform game framework.


A fair warning: At the moment this product does not include an easy-to-use game editor. It is built for programmers.


All products have an extensive MSDN-style documentation, available online and for download. The engine comes with over 200 samples that cover different aspects of game development.


We provide support via our forum and email. As you can check in the forum: Our team answers questions personally and gives in-depth feedback.

Free download

Interested? Visit the Download page and get the latest version of the DigitalRune Engine. 

The software includes a 30-day trial – risk free, registration free.

Students and researchers can even get a free non-commercial license.


The DigitalRune Engine is used world-wide to develop applications, games and research projects. See References.