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The website will be down for maintenance in the coming days: 20th November – 22nd November 2015

TerrainSample Video

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The new DigitalRune Engine release adds a brand-new terrain rendering system. Here is a short video which shows the new TerrainSample:

The terrain system supports several other features that are not demonstrated in the video: decals, roads, holes, procedural terrain, etc. You can check out the examples included in the DigitalRune Engine for more details!

DigitalRune Engine Update: Terrain Rendering

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TerrainA new version of the DigitalRune Engine is available for download.

Terrain rendering

DigitalRune Graphics now includes support for large-scale, tile-based terrains using height fields. The latest research on terrain rendering as well as our experience from working on a commercial/military flight simulator has been incorporated into the project. The resulting terrain system is designed to cover anything from small game worlds (e.g. for first-person shooters) up to large terrain databases (e.g. for flight simulators).


  • Continuous level of detail (no mesh preprocessing, no hardware tessellation required)
  • Materials using diffuse maps, specular maps, normal maps, height maps
  • Customizable effects (including parallax occlusion mapping)
  • Flexible material blending (blend maps, height-based, slope-based, etc.) using any number of layers
  • Collision detection
  • Decal rendering
  • Roads
  • Procedural terrains
  • Holes

DigitalRune Engine Update: Weighted Blended OIT and Bugfixes

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A new version of the DigitalRune Engine is available.WBOIT

Memory Leak in MonoGame

A critical memory leak in MonoGame has been fixed. The problem was caused by the following methods

  • VertexBuffer.GetData
  • IndexBuffer.GetData

These methods pinned the data arrays and thereby prevented these objects from being garbage collected.

The following DigitalRune methods were affected by this bug:

Weighted Blended Order-Independent Transparency

A new sample demonstrates weighted blended order-independent transparency, which is a technique for rendering transparent objects. In contrast to traditional alpha blending, it does not require geometry to be rendered in sorted order (back-to-front).

Shadow Masks

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This article explains how shadow masks (a.k.a. deferred shadow maps) are used in DigitalRune Graphics.



Rendering Shadow Maps

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This article covers how shadow maps are created.

DigitalRune Graphics provides the ShadowMapRenderer for creating shadow maps.


Shadow maps are created by calling ShadowMapRenderer.Render. For example:


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