Develop Games with the DigitalRune Engine

DigitalRune Game Engine

Develop XNA games with the DigitalRune Engine!

The DigitalRune Engine is a 3D game engine for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono. It is written in C# and supports the Microsoft XNA Game Studio (Windows, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360) and MonoGame (Windows, Windows Store, Windows Phone 8).

The DigitalRune Engine is a bundle of game development libraries covering mathematics, collision detection, game physics, animation, graphics, particle systems, GUIs, and a lot more. The modular design of this game engine gives developers the freedom to use individual libraries or the whole package to develop games or simulations using cutting-edge technology.


Windows Forms Development

DigitalRune Docking Windows

DigitalRune Docking Windows adds docking capabilities to Windows Forms. It offers support for tabbed documents, floating windows, auto-hide windows, drag-and-drop, serialization of layouts and more.

Free for non-commercial use.


DigitalRune Text Editor Control

DigitalRune Text Editor is a text editor control for Windows Forms. It offers syntax-highlighting, source code formatting, code completion and more.

The software is open source (LGPL) and available for free.


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